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KCU is making headlines by carrying out our mission to"improve the well-being of the communities we serve." See what local and national media is taking note of.

April - June 2019

Toke Two, and Call Me In The Morning (Kansas City Business Journal, May 2019)

Man who survived near fatal crash to receive medical degree this weekend (KMBC, May 2019)

KC Medical Student Struck by Car Recovers; Will Now Graduate (KSHB, May 2019)

KC Med Student Learning Valuable Lessons From Hs Paralyzed Cat, an Internet Sensation (KDFW, May 2019)

Teenagers and Mental Health - Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences (KSHB, April 2019)

January - March 2019

The Risks Of Not Vaccinating. (KCUR, February 2019)

Kansas City Woman Credits Controversial Depression Treatment With Saving Her Life (KDFW, February 2019)

October – December, 2018

Kansas City University President Says Care for People was Hallmark of Bush Presidency (KMBC, December 2018)

Our Leaders Must Choose Love Over Hate (The Kansas City Star, November 2018)

Missouri Docs Not Ready For Medical Marijuana (KCUR – November 2018)

July – September, 2018

STDs Are On the Rise. KC Med Students Have Treatment Plan, but Kansas Law is a Hurdle (The Kansas City Star, September 2018)

Score 1 For Health Celebrates 25 Years of Providing Free Health Screenings to Kansas City Children (KSHB, August 2018)

Holographs Train Med Students (KCUR, July 2018)

#CatsofInstagram: A KCU-COM Student’s Special Needs Cat is an Instagram Star (The Do, July 2918)

April – June 2018

KCUMB Breaks Ground on Med-Ed Building  (Ingram’s, June 2018)

High-Tech Centers Let Med Students Practice on Holographic Patients. Worth the Cost? (The Kansas City Star, June 2018)

Groundbreaking Ceremony For KCU's New Center for Medical Education Innovation (CMEI) (KDFW, June 2018)

Groundbreaking Ceremony (KCTV, June 2018)

KCU Begins Construction of 'Future-Proof' $33M Simulation Center (Kansas City Business Journal, June 2018) 

Cut Suit technology (WDAF, June 2018)

Video of St. Louis Med Student and His Cat Goes Viral (KDFW, April 2018)

January – March, 2018

Pregnancy-Related Depression May Manifest in a Variety of Symptoms, Doctor Warns (KDFW, March 2018)

April – June 2017

Osteopathic Medicine, Born In Missouri, Now Seeks To Fill Rural Health Care Gaps (KCUR, June 2017)