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Forward Together for KCU

Tuesday, March 28 – Wednesday, March 29 


The 2023 Forward Together for KCU (formerly known as Day of Giving) raises funds for the Student Wellness Fund, an initiative under the associate provost of Campus Health and Wellness, to mitigate burnout and to build resiliency in KCU students. The initiative will take place from 12:00 p.m. CT on March 28th until 12:00 p.m. CT March 29th. You can help raise funds for the Student Wellness Fund by clicking here.

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Student Doctor Amir Razavi     


Dr. Erinne Kennedy

Rachael Ramirez

"I am a second-year student in KCU’s Clinical Health Psychology Doctoral Program. Wellness has been a priority in my life for several years and has become even more important since I started graduate school. I’ve continued to take wellness into my own hands by establishing boundaries for my time spent focusing on school and focusing on my well-being.

I have had to learn to balance my time and it has not always been an easy journey. I took a year off in the middle of my first year at KCU. That year was spent attending to my own needs and re-evaluating where I was directing my energy. When I returned to KCU, I had a newfound ability to focus my time on school, while also allowing for non-judgmental focus on other aspects of my life, such as my social life, relationships, health and hobbies.

I think it is important to not feel guilty for taking time to ourselves. While school is a big priority, the most important thing is your own health and well-being. I’ve learned to combine some aspects of my wellness. Participating in team sports has been one way for me to spend time exercising and socializing. Since being in Kansas City, I have played with Kansas City Ultimate, an organization that puts on ultimate frisbee leagues. We got to travel to competitions and bond as a team, which was so rewarding.

I am a part of the Student Wellness Committee so I may share in this journey with my peers and provide resources and support for those who may also be struggling to navigate their own wellness. I also hope to bring these experiences with me into my future career as a Clinical Psychologist to support my clients/patients."

- Rachael Ramirez, Clinical Psychology Doctoral Student, Class of 2026

Student Wellness Council, Executive Board PsyD representative

A very special thank you to the 2023 Forward Together for KCU sponsors for caring about student wellness all year long.