Student Program-Based Fellowships

Student Program-Based Fellowships

KCU has two programs that award fellowships to students who have achieved outstanding performance during training. These year-long programs are in anatomy and osteopathic manipulative medicine.

Selection is competitive and fellows are required to enhance their own personal development through participation in the teaching program as well as in individualized projects.

The fellows function as teaching assistants for labs, aid in the management of the labs, participate in some didactics, facilitate small group sessions, lead review sessions, and serve as a general resource for students in much the same way faculty does.

Fellowship in Clinical Anatomy

The Anatomy fellowship is an 11-month program for your third or fourth year. Expand your anatomy training by assisting in teaching and lab management as well as completing a research project for publication.

Fellowship in Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine

The Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine (OMM) fellowship gives you the ability to practice and perfect your skills while working with experienced osteopathic physicians. The OMM fellowship is a twelve-month training program that takes place ideally between your third and fourth year clinical clerkship assignments.

A fifth year is added to your undergraduate training to accommodate your clinical clerkship and OMM fellowship obligations.