KCU Annual Reports


Building Our Strategies for Tomorrow

Fiscal Year 2022 was yet another year of building for Kansas City University. As we emerged from the disruptions of the COVID-19 pandemic and returned to closer-to-normal operations, KCU achieved a number of milestones that position the University for even greater accomplishments in the future. From new facilities and academic programs to new leaders and partnering, this Annual Report highlights some of the major achievements of Fiscal Year 2022.

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Kansas City University approached Fiscal Year 2021 in much the same way that most organizations and individuals world-wide had: with mounting questions, increasing caution and an ever-growing concern for the health and safety of those around us. Over the course of the fiscal year, KCU continually responded to COVID-19, a novel coronavirus, by developing our own novel mitigation strategies while always remaining true to our mission of improving the well-being of the communities we serve.

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Responding to Change

As the threat of COVID–19 turned into a fully recognized pandemic in early 2020, KCU mounted a response that was thoughtful, swift and guided by factual, science-based information from recognized authorities. Our Year in Review features a focus on KCU's response to the pandemic as well as other highlights from 2020 we’re proud to share with you:

  • Preparing Tomorrow's Physicians:  Osteopathic Medicine
  • Serving Special Communities: Outreach and Commitment
  • Expanding Knowledge: Biomedical Sciences
  • Standing Together: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • Rapid and Nimble: Our Response to COVID-19
  • Integrating with Our Communities: Clinical Psychology
  • Advancing Discovery: Research
  • Commitment to Compassion: Score 1 for Health
  • Addressing Oral Health Needs: Dental Medicine
  • Securing KCU’S Future: Philanthropic Support
  • Ensuring Future Stability: Financial Overview

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A Year In Review

At Kansas City University, we continuously work to achieve new levels of excellence in health sciences education. Here are a few highlights from 2019 we’re proud to share with you:

  • Our Commitment to Future Physicians
  • Graduating Scientists in High Demand
  • Answering the Call in Behavioral Health
  • Making Affordability a Priority
  • Leading-Edge Technology Driving the Future of KCU
  • Expanding Our Research to New Horizons
  • Building a Future of Improved Oral Health
  • The Voices of All, The Campus for All
  • Ensuring Our Vitality Through Philanthropic Support

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Building A Foundation of
Partnership & Innovation

Kansas City University’s ability to stay ever-nimble and adapt to the continually changing health care landscape remain proven attributes of our university’s formidable 102-year history. Our work during Fiscal Year 2018 was again emblematic of such entrepreneurialism, with strategic partnerships and innovation emerging as essential drivers of long-term success in health sciences education. Building a capacity for adopting the latest technologies, joining forces with organizations whose missions align and offer synergies with KCU’s, and embracing an opportunistic pursuit of complementary academic programs to meet workforce needs were the hallmarks of our key strategic initiatives.

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Applying A Wider Lens to Bring
KCU's Second Century into Focus

Fiscal Year 2017 reflected a more intentional focus on the future of health care and how we, as a university, must view our role through an increasingly wider lens. Key initiatives and outcomes underscore our commitment to adopting a more comprehensive approach for preparing future generations of students to meet workforce demand in an ever-changing and complex environment.

This expanded view was guided by our new 2017-2021 KCU Strategic Plan, which informs our work in key areas of educational innovation, national impact, value-driven partnerships, research collaboration and team success, while remaining true to our mission of improving the well-being of the communities we serve. Defined by updated goals and strategies, we forged a new path in 2017, which bore witness to the realization of a number of related accomplishments and milestones, and underscored our continued growth.

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A Century in the Making

Much of Fiscal Year 2016 was highlighted by the exciting celebration of Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences’ centennial. The past 100 years have culminated in KCU today serving as one of the leading osteopathic medical schools in the country and a growing force in biosciences education and research.

KCU faculty, staff, students, alumni, and University friends and partners played an essential role in the unique events and milestones of this past year, weaving them into the rich tapestry that is our institution’s continuing legacy. The enthusiasm for the future success and growth of our University embodies the very spirit that is KCU, ensuring that as we move into our second 100 years, our focus on excellence and the many new initiatives we pursue continue to be informed by our proud heritage of “improving the well-being of the communities we serve.”

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A Time of Transformation

Fiscal Year 2015 marked the beginning of KCU’s 99th year educating physicians. During the past decade, we also began educating researchers, scientists and bioethicists who play a pivotal role in addressing future health care challenges – from discovering new treatments, to determining how we ethically navigate the complex health care delivery system and improve treatment options for everyone.

As we look ahead to celebrating our 100th anniversary in 2016, we also take time to reflect on the past twelve months. During this time, we have advanced our mission of “improving the well-being of the communities we serve” through a number of initiatives across the University in support of our five-year strategic goals. As a result, we have begun what is, perhaps, the most dramatic institutional transformation in the University’s history. The following Annual Report details some of the key events that characterized Fiscal Year 2015 and set the stage for continued growth and development of KCU well into the future.

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