2023 Research Symposium

The research symposium is one of the premier collaborative academic events at KCU bringing the different colleges together to showcase KCU’s innovative research and scientific discoveries. The research symposium hosted distinguished physicians and scientists from within and outside the KCU community. 

KCU Student Research Symposium Award: Congratulations to our 2023 award winners!

This award is awarded to the six best live podium, virtual or posters presentations during the symposium. Thirty-six judges evaluated 130 presentations with an average of 3.8 judges per presentation.

Lauren McCroskie

COM ‘23

Testing Medical Students Application of Trauma Informed Care in Simulated Human Trafficking Patient Encounters

Joplin Campus

Megan Unrath

COM ‘25

A Case Report of Acute Thyrotoxicosis Lost in the Pandemic Storm

Kansas City Campus 

Kass Sjostrom

BIOS ‘24

Sustained Mesenchymal Marker Expression in Doxorubicin Treated Endothelial Cells

Kansas City Campus 

Katherine Wu

COM ‘25

Dose Response of Oxybutynin in a Pediatric Cohort with Neurogenic Bladder

Kansas City Campus 

Jared Rack

BIOS ‘23

Optimization and Characterization of the Isolation of Brain-derived Exosomes from Human Plasma/Serum

Kansas City Campus 

Katie Bussard-Serrano

BIOS ‘24

RNA-Seq Data Analysis of Alternative Splice Variants of the SMAD4 Regulated Genes, FOSL1, SERPINE1, ADAM19, and LCN2 in the Development of Pancreatic Malignancy

Kansas City Campus 


Yale U. Castlio, DO, Prize for Research 

This is a prestigious research award that provides funds to support projects that significantly advance the osteopathic medical profession and the University’s position in the research community. Funds from the prize may be applied toward the research project, publication and printing of results, travel for presentation of research project, or equipment needs. 

A special panel of five judges evaluated seven highly competitive applications.

Sarah Shapiro (COM ’25) - Epidemiological and Demographic Characteristics Related to Social Determinants of Health in Patients with Anti-NMDAR.

Kansas City Campus

KCU Research Symposium Chairman Award

Maxine Derrick (COM ’24)

Student Doctor Derrick is a COM student on clinical rotation at a distant location who delivered three outstanding presentations. The award is determined by the chairman of the symposium.

People’s Favorite Poster

Laura Schreck (COM ’25) - Joplin Campus

Poster 51: Retrospective Analysis on Hyperlipidemia and COVID-19 Outcomes Investigated in a Rural Midwestern Population

The award was determined by attendees scanning a QR code and voting for their favorite poster.

KCU Summer Student Research Fellows

Certificate of achievement



Klea Agollari

Dr. Anthony Olinger

Sasank Aramandla

Dr. Joseph Shaffer

Katelyn Eisendrath

Dr. Eugene Konorev

Aaron Graves

Dr. Robert White

Mahan Hadjian

Dr. Abdulbaki Agbas

Katiana Hebbert

Dr. Ehab Sarsour

Su Han Lee

Dr. Abdulbaki Agbas

Duyen Pham

Dr. Abdulbaki Agbas

Charles Marchese

Dr. Jennifer Dennis

Michelle Mathew

Dr. Nataliya Kibiryeva,

Anh Nguyen

Dr. Doug Bittel

Ria Singh

Dr. Eugene Konorev


The symposium agenda included:

  1. Keynote Speaker: Joseph J. Cullen, MD, FACS - Professor of Surgery and Radiation Oncology – University of Iowa Hospitals and Clinics.
  2. Guest Featured Speakers:
  • Rebecca Oberley-Deegan, PhD - Professor of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - University of Nebraska Medical Center
  • Nukhet Aykin-Burns, PhD - Associate Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences - University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
  1. KCU Featured Speakers:

  • Gautam Desai, DO, FACOFP - Professor and Chair of Primary Care
  • Jennifer Fugate, PhD - Associate Professor of Health Service Psychology
  • Bradley Creamer, MS, PhD - Associate Professor of Physiology
  1. Summer Student Research Fellows presentations – April 4
  2. Live presentations from selected student abstracts – April 5 and 6
  3. Multiple poster sessions - 2 poster sessions on KC and Joplin campuses – April 4 and 5
  4. Round table research discussion session – April 6
  5. KCU GME Consortium Resident virtual poster presentations – April 7
  6. KCU Research Symposium lunch, awards and closing remarks - April 7

Awards and Recognition

COB, COM and PsyD students: The KCU Research Symposium Committee recognized up to four top presentations during the event. Student presenters were eligible for awards for both oral and poster presentations. In addition, a call for applications for the Yale U. Castlio, DO, Prize for Research were announced.

KCU GME Residents: KCU GME Consortium Residents who had a poster accepted and who presented a virtual poster presentation at the symposium qualified for the Resident Research Award. Winners will receive up to $500.