Financial Aid FAQs

Applying for Financial Aid

When should I complete a new FAFSA for the upcoming academic year?

You can complete a FAFSA online from the website by clicking on FAFSA listed under Tools and Resources, beginning in October. Please be sure that you are using the prior year's taxes. For more information on how to complete your FAFSA, go to

School Year       Tax Year
2020-2021 2018
2021-2022 2019
2022-2023 2020

Do I need to re-apply for financial aid each academic year?


What is the FAFSA code for KCU?


What is the priority deadline to fill out the FAFSA?

March 15.


How can I access my financial aid information?

Go to Workday and click View Financial Aid under the Financial Aid section.

How am I notified of my financial aid awards?

Students will be emailed once their awards are available and you will be able to see them in Workday.

Loan Disbursements

How will I know when I will receive my disbursements?

Students will receive an email from the Department of Education detailing expected loan dates. When the loan is disbursed to their account, they will receive an email from Financial Aid telling them how much has been disbursed to their account. Refunds, if applicable, are then given to the student within 14 calendar days. The expected dates can change if a student does not complete required documents or has  not completed disbursement.

I received the refund from my disbursement but I do not need the entire amount. What do I need to do to return a portion of it?

There is a Request to Reduce Previously Disbursed Loan in Workday.

How do I complete Direct Loan promissory notes? 

Go to, open the drop-down menu for “Complete Aid Process” and choose the Master Promissory Note you need. This site is your source for information from the U.S. Dept. of Education about how to manage your federal student loans. A FSA ID is needed ( In addition, you can link to NSLDS, FAFSA, and online Entrance or Exit counseling and federal loan repayment information.


How do I sign up for direct deposit?

Students will sign up for direct deposit in Workday.

How do I receive my 1098-T?

Please access the Heartland ECSI website for any questions related to the 1098-T statement and to access an electronic copy of your 1098-T statement on the Heartland ECSI portal. For more information on 1098-T changes, please click here.

General Information

How can I receive more financial aid funds?

That depends on the individual student's situation; Contact Financial Aid to see if you are eligible for more funds. The allowable funds can be found on our website. Review the budget adjustment policy. 

How do I defer my prior student loans?

Typically, loans are automatically deferred once your enrollment is reported. Enrollment reporting begins after the first day of classes. If your lender requires an additional deferment form, please contact the Registrar's office.


Does KCU offer any school-sponsored scholarships?

Yes, there are scholarships for incoming College of Osteopathic Medicine students from the Admissions Office. Second-, third- and fourth-year medical students are eligible to apply for scholarships from endowment funds. You will be notified when the application cycle for endowment scholarships begins. KCU scholarships, if awarded, are applied directly to your tuition account.