KCU’s Student Hardship Fund

The purpose of KCU’s Student Hardship Fund is to support students who are in need of economic assistance for which no financial aid is eligible. Awards may not exceed $5,000.

The Student Hardship Fund is intended to address basic and emergency needs and thereby support qualified individual’s success.

Allowable expenses include, but are not limited to:

  • travel expenses related to emergency situations (like the death or illness of a relative);
  • extra basic living expenses needed due to fire, destruction, or natural disaster;
  • replacement of stolen goods (not lost due to negligence);
  • and mental health (rehabilitation or behavioral) medical bills not covered by insurance.

The Student Hardship Fund is not designed to cover standard expenses included in a student’s budgeted cost of attendance for the academic year, non-emergency expenses, expenses that are extravagant.

Expenses not covered:

  • Expenses incurred prior to the emergency
  • Non-essential utilities
  • Tuition (tuition need is administered by Student Financial Aid)
  • Credit card bills
  • Car payments
  • Child Support
  • Health insurance premiums

Allocations are determined and monitored by KCU’s Student Hardship Fund Committee. All requests, inquiries, awards and denials are confidential. The applicant must be a future, current or previously enrolled student and must be determined to be in financial need by the Committee based on information submitted by the applicant. Aid must be for true hardship.