Health Requirements

Students who project themselves as future health care professionals are obligated to protect their health and the health of their future patients. All matriculating students at KCU are required to be vaccinated in accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) immunization guidelines. These guidelines change and are updated periodically, and applicants and students are expected to be knowledgeable regarding the current CDC guidelines for health care workers. KCU students are responsible for maintaining a current and thoroughly documented official record of immunizations at all times. The CDC website is

Students entering first-year classes who are not current on their CDC immunizations and/or who cannot provide an official immunization document form that has been completed and signed by an authorized health official will not be allowed to matriculate. Current students who cannot provide official up-to-date immunization records in accordance with the most current CDC guidelines will not be allowed to continue their education.

All students enrolling at the University are required to submit proof of immunization for COVID-19, poliomyelitis, rubella, rubeola, mumps, varicella, hepatitis-B and piptheria/tetanus prior to matriculation. The results of a tuberculosis (PPD-TB) test also are required prior to matriculation. All students must have a PPD-TB test performed annually while a student at KCU. Students are encouraged to be immunized with the annual influenza vaccine. 

Areas to be completed and returned prior to matriculation include, but are not limited to: immunization dates for varicella, polio, MMR, TB test results, diptheria/tetanus booster and completion of the hepatitis-B vaccine.

Note: The hepatitis-B vaccination is administered in a series and may take four to six months to complete. Because students will have early clinical experience, this series must be completed prior to matriculation. University policy states that students must provide evidence they have completed the series before they can begin medical school. Applicants applying to medical school may find it necessary to begin the series prior to obtaining an offer of acceptance in order to meet the matriculation deadline.

In addition, accepted applicants are required to have their own health insurance policy and provide evidence of such. Students who fail to meet these guidelines will not be allowed to matriculate.