2019 Alumni Award Recipients

Alumni Achievement Award

Adam Whaley-Connell, DO (COM ‘01)

The Alumni Achievement Award honors a Kansas City University graduate who has made an outstanding contribution or demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in health sciences.

Young Alumni Achievement Award

Kenneth Shaw, DO (COM ‘13)
Errin Weisman, DO (COM ‘11)

The Young Alumni Achievement Award honors a KCU graduate who has been an alumnus for ten years or fewer. The award recipient will have demonstrated leadership capability, a commitment to the service of others and has excelled in health sciences.

Alumni Service Award

Leonard Mennen, DO (COM ‘63)

The Alumni Service Award honors a KCU graduate who exemplifies our mission of “Improving the communities we serve” through volunteerism, research, community activism and/or thought leadership.

Alumnus of the Year Award

Cameron Knackstedt, DO (COM ’75)

Alumnus of the Year Award honors a graduate who has attained exemplary career achievements through education, research, leadership, or community service.

Distinguished Service Award

Larry McIntire, DO

The Distinguished Service Award honors a non-KCU graduate who has championed health sciences through medical education, medical care, research or service to Kansas City University.

Star-Spangled Banner Medallion

Herman Barthel, DO (COM ‘84)

The Star-Spangled Banner Medallion honors a KCU graduate physician or scientist who exemplifies the University's core values through service to the United States of America.

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