Dr. Williams Distinguishes Importance of Primary Care

Oct 11, 2021
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Bruce R Williams, DO, FACOFP, KCU Associate Dean of Clinical EducationDr. Bruce Williams practiced family medicine for 31 years prior to teaching at KCU-Kansas City. He is now associate dean of Clinical Education and faculty adviser of KCU Epsilon chapter of the American College of Osteopathic Family Physicians. This National Primary Care Week, he reflects on his career and shares why primary care is paramount:

"Family medicine and being the ‘family doctor’ is all I wanted to do. In family medicine, I could do it all and see it all. I took care of members of the family as they began life and as their life ended. I celebrated with them, sharing special moments and cried with them, holding their hand during challenging times.

I become concerned by the fractionation of care patients receive by using the emergency room, urgent care or retail clinics as primary care providers, leading to inconsistent care. When a problem occurs without a provider knowing the patient, it's likely to be present for a prolonged period. This leads to a more complicated course and a higher rate of morbidity and mortality. It also leads to higher health care costs.

Primary care is important. Everyone needs a physician who gets to know the patient with the continuity of care they need. I truly enjoyed practicing preventive medicine, looking at each patient, being sure they were aware and given opportunities to remain healthy. Seeing a primary care physician regularly helps prevent health problems and maintain health.”

Thank you for all you do, Dr. Williams!


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