KCU alumna reinvests in KCU with stories, insights and work on DE&I Scholarship

Feb 3, 2022
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“If you are free, you need to free somebody else. 
If you have some power, then your job is to empower somebody else.”
- Toni Morrison

Dr. Laine Taylor lives the example of Morrison’s quote as she has spent her life freeing and empowering others. In the presentation below, she imparts her experiences and lessons learned in life, academia and in medical practice.

Taylor has also recently worked with staff members in developing an endowed DE & I scholarship at KCU, the fund of support for the Day of Giving event

Dr. Taylor, a KCU alumna who graduated in 2005, went on to work as an associate director in children’s inpatient psychiatry at Yale University. She currently serves as the medical director of a nonprofit organization The Village for Families and Children in Hartford, Connecticut.

Dr. Taylor opened the observance of Black History Month by sharing her story and discussing issues of diversity, equity and inclusion with KCU employees on Feb. 3. (Watch the presentation.) Taylor’s story is one of strength and triumph, resiliency and self-belief. In addition to her inspirational personal journey, her wisdom and insights are such valuable takeaways.

Taylor's presentation leads us to ask: What can we do to increase the diversity, inclusion and equity in medical schools? She offers a framework to use when answering that question.

“As administrators, faculty and students, it’s now up to you. I want to challenge you to think a moment about what needs to change at KCU now to make it a more equitable, diverse, inclusive and safe place to work and learn.

    • Think of examples of successes at KCU over the years, areas in which KCU has made strides toward equity.

    • Think about what you have personally done in any small or large way to contribute to these changes.

    • Think of how you will ‘have the audacity’ to continue that change in any small or large way.”

A huge thank you to Dr. Taylor for sharing her time, experience and insights and helping to make improvements to diversity, equity and inclusion at our university and beyond. You have beautifully informed our work to help students become health care professionals who treat humans, and we are grateful. 

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