Kenya: Global Health and Learning

Jan 8, 2020
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Global Health Track medical students in Kenya

KCU student doctors with heart and a passion to serve the world, find opportunities to learn and serve in Kenya.

Gautam Desai, DO, FACOFP, KCU professor of Primary Care, leads groups of students to the Mama Pilista Memorial Health Center in Masra, Kenya on three trips each year. The students treat a range of patients’ health concerns using the osteopathic philosophy of treating the mind, body and spirit. They work hard and spend their days off exploring all that Kenya has to offer – from learning about the people of Kenya to seeing beautiful sights and rare animals.

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Developing Student Doctors

Mama Pilista Memorial Health Center in Masra, Kenya    Third-year medical student Kalee Morris assesses patients.
Jordyn Drake and Carli Edwards, third-year medical students, talk with patients.  Third-year medical student Olivia Igoe gives an injection for osteoarthritis under the supervision of Robert Tyler, DO, MSc, assistant professor of Primary Care in Joplin.
KCU students organizing medical supplies and medication provided by the University, given to the clinic.  The medical officer of the clinic, lab technicians and KCU alumna Dr. Sara Murphy rounding on clinic patients. 
Thanks to KCU Library employees, the Global Health Track students donated books to children at the clinic. Third-year medical student Shaghayegh Mazoury assesses a patient. 
Olivia Igoe, third-year medical student, holds a newborn baby boy.
A new mother bonds with her newborn in the clinic.
Nikita Satapathy, third-year medical student, meeting an orphan nearby the clinic. KCU medical students spend time with orphans near the clinic.

Safari Scenes, Equator Escapade

A day away from the clinic means a day of exploration and a safari adventure.

Culture of Kenya

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