Agbas, Abdulbaki

Abdulbaki Agbas

MSc, PhD
Professor of Biosciences


  • Ph.D. in 1988, University of Szeged/ Szeged-HUNGARY, 1988
  • M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Ataturk University/Erzurum-TURKEY, 1985
  • B.S. in Chemistry, Ataturk Univeristy/ Erzurum-TURKEY, 1980

Teaching Interests/Courses

  • Mitochondrial Bioenergetics
  • Citric Acid Cycle
  • Oxidative Phosphorylation
  • Regulation of Oxidative Phosphorylation
  • Protein Folding-I,II,III

Research Interests

  • Mitochondrial Bioenergetics in Neurodegeneration
  • Molecular Biology of Aging and Neurodegeneration
  • Effect of oxaloacetate in lifespan of ALS-model mouse
  • Exosomal TDP-43 and its derivatives in neurodegenerative diseases. A blood based biomarker development
  • Functional Biomarkes in ALS
  • Blood-based biomarker develoipment for Alzheimer's diseases


  • Baseline platelet mitochondrial respiration rate in diabetic patients with neuropathy
    The overarching idea in this proposal is that reduced mitochondrial function can be assessed by whole platelet respiration which will provide monitoring tool for the prognosis of DPN as well as implementing the therapeutical interventions, 11/2017 - 06/2019
    The goal of this proposal is to test if a canine degenerative myelopathy (DM) can be utilized as a disease model to develop a viable blood-based biomarker for human amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Canine DM is a progressive, adult-onset, multi-s, 04/2020 - Present
  • Functioonal Biomarkers in ALS
    The goal of this project to longitudinally analyse blood-based biomarkers for patients with ALS, 06/2022 - 03/2023


  • Molecular Biology of Aging course
    A three-week lecture and laboratory course featuring the newest and most exciting ideas in aging research, with emphasis on molecular approaches. A distinguished faculty interacted with students via lecture, discussion and hands-on experiments, 07/2001
  • International Training Course Fellowship in Modern Biology
    Trained in modern biological topics, 09/1988
  • Cellular Bioenergetics Master Class
    Joined the bioenergetics hands on classes to master my understanding about the mitochondria biochemistry, 04/2018

Professional Affiliations

  • Member, 01/2012 - Present, American Association for the Advancement of Science


  • Member, 01/2012 - Present, The American Society for Cell Biology


  • Member, 01/2012 - 12/2012, Society for Neuroscience


Physician Specialties

  • Mitochondria Physiology in neurodegenerative diseases
  • Neurobiology (Motor Neurons and Astrocytes)
  • Protein Biochemistry

Community Service

  • Science Mentor, 11/1/2013 - Present, Science Pioneer, Inc.
    I met several high school students and discussed their science projects.


Outside Interests

  • Archery
  • Playing Reed Flute (Nay)
  • Reading (Historical and philosophical books)