Gift Body Program

The donation of a body for medical education and research is the ultimate gift of life and represents a valuable, irreplaceable resource in the training of future physicians. Kansas City University has a need for anatomical donations in order to carry out medical education and research studies.

Please join KCU on June 9th, 2023 at noon as we memorialize those who bequeathed their bodies to science and our medical program. Their gift as a body donor makes a profound statement attesting to their generosity and desire to teach our students how to become caring, competent physicians. Click here for more information.

Our Philosophy

The osteopathic philosophy emphasizes the care and treatment of the whole patient, including mind, body and spirit. KCU embodies this philosophy in all programs, including the gift body program. This program is an integral component of the students’ education as they prepare to serve patients as both physicians and scientists.

Receiving our first donors in the early 20th century, KCU has a long and respected history operating its Gift Body Program. This program has impacted thousands of students and researchers and enabled learning about the inner workings of the human body in an up-close, personally meaningful way that otherwise would not be possible.

Throughout the bequeathal process and medical study, our institution emphasizes respect for the donors and their families. The KCU Gift Body Program relies solely on donations. The University does not pay for bodies or body parts.

In the event that a death of a registered donor occurs, contact 816-654-7533 or toll-free 800-234-4847. Arrangements will be made for a funeral director to prepare the death certificate and transport the body to the University.

To register for the Gift Body Program, download and complete the following documents:  

Mail completed and signed original documents to:
Kansas City University
Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences 
1750 Independence Avenue
Kansas City, Mo., 64106

Important: Make two additional copies of the completed and signed forms for your records. The additional copies should be retained, one by the donor and one by a family member or legal representative.

Contact Us

KCU Department of Pathology and Anatomical Sciences 
1750 Independence Avenue
Kansas City, Mo., 64106