Master of Science of Biomedical Sciences Competencies

Graduates from the non-research Master of Science in Biomedical Sciences tracks will:

  • Be able to understand and summarize articles on research topics from biomedical science journals.

  • Have a basic knowledge of the role and use of biostatistics in biomedical research and be able to generate hypotheses and select appropriate statistical tests to properly evaluate and compare research data.

  • Be able to summarize how research is used to develop new therapies in medicine.

  • Be able to articulate interrelationships of diverse information and apply those relationships to current clinical situations.

  • Be prepared to succeed in doctoral programs in the health professions and life sciences.

In addition to the five learning outcomes for the non-research tracks, graduates from the two-year research track will:

  • Be able to interpret/analyze biomedical information and use it to design/conduct research in biomedical sciences.