What is the Difference Between a PsyD Degree and a PhD Degree?

KCU PsyD Program

When deciding between a PsyD (Doctor of Psychology) degree and a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) degree in psychology, it's important to consider your desired career path. The PsyD degree focuses more on hands-on clinical training along with research whereas the PhD degree focuses more on the research aspect. While both prepare you for promising careers in psychology, a PsyD degree positions you well for "in-the-field" careers, such as a clinical psychologist. The PhD degree is typically more geared toward academics. 

KCU's PsyD program includes three years of practicum to provide you with the invaluable experience to begin your career in psychology. Our small class sizes provide one-on-one opportunities with experienced faculty. We also offer the only accredited PsyD program in Kansas and Missouri with promising clinical partnerships. Learn More about the PsyD program by clicking here.