GME Consortium Policies and Procedures

The GME Policy and Procedure Manual and the Institutional Policies; establishes policies and procedures for residency and fellowship training programs sponsored by Kansas City University. These are minimum policies programs must meet; but programs are free to adopt more rigorous policies as they see fit or as necessary to meet the requirements of their accrediting organization, and as long as the more rigorous policies are in compliance with accreditation requirements and KCU.

If a conflict exists between these policies or the program policies and accreditation requirements, the accreditation requirements will take precedence. The content of the GME Policy and Procedure Manual and de Institutional Policies are subject to change.  Unless otherwise noted, all policies become effective upon publication on the Kansas City University GME public website and in New Innovations. 

GME Policy and Procedure Manual 2023-2024

Institutional Policies

01-GMEC Composition and Responsibilities Policy #0.01

02-Resident and Fellow Forum Policy #0.02

03-Program Evaluation and Improvement Policy #0.03

04-Responsibilities of the Program Director Policy #0.04

05-GMEC Protocol for Special Reviews Policy #0.05

06-Resident and Fellow Physician Impairment Policy #0.06

07-Clinical and Educational Work Hours and Moonlighting Policy #0.07

08-Recruitment, Selection, Eligibility, and Appointment Policy #0.08

09-Promotion, Appointment Renewal and Dismissal Policy #0.09

10-Discrimination and Harassment Policy #0.10

11-Accommodations for Disabilities Policy #0.11

12-Supervision Policy #0.12

13-Due Process Policy #0.13

14-Grievance Policy #0.14

15-Vacation and Leaves of Absence Policy #0.15

16-Vendor Interactions Policy #0.16

17-Non-Competition or Restrictive Covenant Policy #0.17

18-Substantial Disruptions in Patient Care or Education Policy #0.18

19-Learning and Working Environment Policy #0.19

20-Transitions of Care Policy #0.20

21-Fatigue, Sleep Deprivation, and Mitigation Policy #0.21

22-Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Policy #0.22

23-Well-Being Policy #0.23

24-Record Retention Policy #0.24