Have a Concern?

The resident/fellow confidential report form has been established for all KCU residents and fellows to report any concerns about their training program. Most matters can be dealt with at the program level in consultation with the chief resident, fellow, program director, faculty or employer human resources designee. If those efforts do not bring resolution, or if a resident/fellow is uncomfortable addressing the issue within their program, the individual can submit a Confidential Reporting Form.

Reporting of concerns through the form is anonymous. However, if you would like to be contacted about your concern, please provide your name, email, and/or contact number and a representative from the GME office will contact you soon. Please include as much detail as possible about the situation (e.g., who, what, when, where, why, and how) so we can better address your concerns. If you leave your contact information, you will receive follow-up communication. When this form is used, we guarantee that no identifying information, such as IP address or workstation ID, is captured. You will remain anonymous unless you choose to provide your name.

The information submitted is sent directly to Kerrie Jordan, DHSc, ACGME Designated Institutional Official