ERAS Information For Graduates

Graduates may request documents for ERAS by using the ERAS Requests for Graduates form. This multi-purpose form allows graduates to request ERAS tokens, as well as transcript and MSPE uploads to ERAS or ERAS-EFDO. Once the form is complete, including a physical signature, please submit to the Office of the Registrar. See the below for additional information.

    Post Graduate Residency Application

    Applicants that have certified and submitted an application from a previous season are given the option to import their prior application into the current season. Applicants can get more information on the ERAS website

    NOTE: Registering with ERAS does not register you for any match service. If you plan to participate in a match, please ensure you register with the appropriate match service.

    Post-Residency Fellowship Applications

    In addition to submitting the ERAS Requests for Graduates, applicants also need to submit a separate electronic request to the Medical Institution Document Upload Service (MIDUS) for each document. Step-by-step instructions for submitting MIDUS requests are available here.

    NOTE: It is very important to enter correct contact information to ensure the University receives your email request.