White Coating Ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the attire recommended?

· Students: Business attire. Suit/sport coats are not recommended, since you will ultimately be wearing your white coat.

o Please be mindful of your shoe selection – you will have to go up and downstairs.

· Guests: No specified attire, but business casual is recommended.

Are students allowed to have a guest coater for the ceremony?

Our white coat tradition is for KCU faculty to coat incoming students. We have not incorporated "guest coaters" in many years. The basis for this is to symbolically begin to establish a professional and personal relationship between incoming students and the faculty they will eventually consider mentors.

Is there a mandatory requirement for the students to attend this ceremony?

Yes, attendance at the white coating ceremony is mandatory for all incoming students.

Is there a webpage for the White Coating ceremony?

Yes, there is a page dedicated to White Coating at www.kansascity.edu 

Will the White Coating Ceremony be live-streamed?

Yes, the White Coating Ceremony will be live-streamed and after the ceremony will be available as a recording on YouTube.

How many tickets will I receive?

Each student is guaranteed four (4) tickets to the White Coating ceremony and that does NOT include their own seat. During the registration process, students will be able to request additional tickets. Once all registrations are completed we will distribute the remaining tickets equitably to students who request more than four.

Will my guests need physical tickets?

Yes, every person attending our White Coating ceremony will need a physical ticket to enter the venues.

Where can I pick up the tickets?

Tickets will be distributed at the mandatory rehearsal for students. Rehearsals will take place on campus, during orientation.