Understand our look

Understanding KCU’s visual identity is the single best way to ensure that you’re authentically representing the University in everything you create. Our logos and brand marks are the most prominent visual aspects of the University’s identity, but they don’t tell the entire story. Aspects such as layout, color combinations, typefaces and fonts, photographs and graphic elements all work together to convey your message – and convey who KCU is – to the world.

You don’t have to learn how to visually represent KCU on your own. These simple guidelines for keeping your work authentically KCU are resources that will help you become a KCU creator in a flash.

Founded in our heritage. Focused on our future.

Since 1916, KCU has been dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our communities. We’re a historic, academic, midwestern, private institution. But, KCU is also an innovative, experiential, and global institution dedicated to the public good. In everything that represents KCU, try to balance these aspects of our identity through your design choices.

Think about how our primary purple color conveys a rich academic history while our secondary burnt orange lends a future-leaning energy.

Consider the ways in which an architectural photo of the CMEI showcases the advanced, futuristic technology it houses while a photo of students learning new techniques inside the CMEI immediately shifts the focus to the human benefits accessible through that technology.

Weigh your options for which logo to use and when. Would your piece benefit more from the formal appearance that our Primary Logo provides or the more accessible tone of our Secondary Crest Logo?

Keeping in mind that KCU’s identity is balanced, refined and never too skewed in any one direction will help you to be successful in visually representing KCU.

As of 2020, KCU has officially retired “of Medicine and Biosciences” from the University name to better represent KCU’s wide focus as a comprehensive health sciences university. Please refer to the University as “Kansas City University” on first reference. Subsequent references may instead use “KCU” in place of the full name*.

*The University’s previous acronym of “KCUMB” should not be used in any instance.

KCU’s brand identity includes two standalone logo marks for general, editorial and promotional use. These logos are available for download below. If additional logo formats are needed, please provide detailed information regarding your logo needs and intended use to: Breton Silvis, MSE | bsilvis@kansascity.edu