Learn our voice

Successfully conveying any unique voice in writing takes a dedicated effort and deep understanding. The following guidelines will help you to implement the easiest and most impactful style choices that can help bring KCU’s voice to life through your writing.

When you write for KCU, you’re often writing as KCU. So, it’s important to not only speak with accuracy and form but also with the collective voice of our University. Allowing your tone to vary based on your topic and audience is necessary for effective writing, but make sure that KCU’s voice is always behind the words.

Our University

When appropriate, incorporate collective and inclusive phrasing rather than words that imply separateness. KCU may have two physical campus locations, but stone and brick buildings aren’t the heart of a university.

Our University is a community, and together we all play a role in creating KCU. So, rather than saying “….the University was founded in 1916”, try “…our University was founded in 1916”. Instead of “It’s the 8th largest medical school in the nation” say “We’re the 8th medical school in the nation.” It’s a simple change that reflects our collaborative spirit.