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Breast Cancer Awareness: Early detection

By KSNF Oct 9, 2023

Early detection is often the key to a successful outcome after a breast cancer diagnosis. KCU’s Dr. Ken Stewart shares important information about the disease as well as some of the factors that can put women at greater risk.

Causes of headache pain

By KSNF Sep 7, 2023

Headaches plague over half the population at some point in their lives. While most are treatable, some headaches can signal a more serious health issue. KCU’s Dr. Ken Stewart explains.

The benefits of dental sealants and why you may need them

By KSNF Aug 16, 2023

Regular brushing and flossing provide the best defense against cavities; but the nooks and crannies of back teeth can be difficult to clean. Dental sealants act as a barrier, protecting tooth enamel from bacteria that can cause decay—especially during cavity-prone years. KCU’s Dr. Linda Niessen explains.