Remembering 9-11

By Marc B. Hahn, DO, FAOCA, President and CEO Sep 11, 2018
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Marc B. Hahn, DO, FAOCA

We are all deeply saddened as we recall the events that occurred 17 years ago today. Our hearts go out, once more, to those victims and their loved ones. The deaths on 9/11 included not only Americans, but citizens from 90 other countries.

Total Victims on 9/11/2001: 2,977

World Trade Center Victims (American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175): 2,606

Pentagon Victims (American Airlines Flight 77): 125

United Airlines Flight 93 Victims, crashed in Pennsylvania: 40

Deaths related to exposures since 2001 are now more than 2,000

We must always stand together as a nation; and our thoughts and prayers for peace are needed as much today as they were back then. We, at KCU, are a family of professionals who have dedicated our lives to humanity and its preservation. Times like these help us to remember all that is truly important in our lives: our families; our friends; our faith and our shared mission to the communities we serve.

Our faculty, staff, alumni and students contribute daily to the missions of health education, research and compassionate patient care. I deeply appreciate, and greatly admire their unwavering commitment to our mission, for each one of them is indeed serving humanity.

And by those very acts of humanity, each and every day, we all counter the cowardly acts of terrorism in the world!

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