Preceptor Resources

Preceptor Manual

The KCU Clinical Education Preceptor Manual is designed to support the relationship between you, the preceptor, KCU students and the Department of Clinical Education. It contains important information about policies, procedures, requirements, and services.

Preceptor Videos

Clerkship Syllabi

To ensure consistency among clerkships, standardized course syllabi have been developed by KCU.  The KCU-COM standardized syllabi are designed for the purpose of ensuring that students understand expectations and work to achieve competency in the diagnosis and management of common illnesses. In so doing, students will gain an appreciation for appropriate utilization of a variety of treatment modalities.  



Clinical Education Guidelines

The KCU Clinical Education Guidelines are designed to provide tips and resources for students to help navigate the experiential clinical learning environment. These guidelines provide students with important information about policies, procedures, requirements and services. Students are required to read, understand and adhere to the Clinical Education Guidelines.

An updated version of the Clinical Education Guidelines is published each academic year. The yearly update (and any subsequent updates during the academic year) supersedes all prior editions and provides the latest rules, policies and procedures to create the most up-to-date student reference. KCU reserves the right to amend, modify, add or delete information within the Clinical Education Guidelines at any time without advance notice. Students will be notified of any revisions.

Preceptor Articles

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The Community Preceptor Crisis: Recruiting and Retaining Community-Based Faculty to Teach Medical Students – A Shared Perspective From the Alliance for Clinical Education (2016)