How To's When Taking A CITI Course

Taking a course

  • Once you click "Continue" to add the course, you will be taken to your Main Menu page.
  • Locate the section “My Courses,” and listed underneath you can see links to the courses you added.
  • Locate the link for the course you need, and click that link to take the course.

Taking a quiz

Courses are broken into sections called “Modules.” After each module is a quiz. You must reach a combined score of 80% or higher on the course in order to pass.

Retaking a quiz 

Before a course is complete:

Immediately after taking a quiz for a module, you are given your score. You may retake the quiz by scrolling to the bottom of the Exam Results page and selecting “View this Module Again.” You may retake the course as many times as necessary to receive an adequate score. Retaking a quiz before you complete the course is the only way your updated scores will show on your completion report.

After a course is complete:

If you have already completed the entire course and received a completion report, then realize you need to retake a quiz(zes), you must do so by locating and clicking the “Optional Modules” link from your Main Menu page. After you have clicked Optional Modules, locate the module(s) you need to retake, and retake the quizzes from there. Your new score will not update on your CITI completion report, but will update on the Optional Modules page.

Submitting your scores 

Once you have successfully obtained an 80 percent or higher combined score for the courses you were required to take, you may submit proof of completion by submitting the Completion Report for each course.

Completion reports are listed to the right of your courses under “My Courses” on your Main Menu.

Submit the report in a PDF or by print out and delivery, as requested/preferred by the entity seeking proof.

If you had to use Optional Modules to retake any quizzes, the only way you can submit proof of your updated scores is by submitting the Optional Module page in a PDF or through printing it out as requested/preferred by the entity seeking proof.