Student Insurance

All students, regardless of their program of study, are required to maintain personal health insurance. KCU sponsors a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). All students must submit proof of personal health insurance through the University's partner online portal should they wish to request to waive SHIP. Details related to enrolling or waiving SHIP will be communicated annually to students via email and on Canvas.

• Insurance company must be based and operated in the United States

• Must provide in-network coverage in the state where the student resides while  attending KCU

• Affordable Care Act compliant plan

•  State-specific Medicaid is acceptable if the student is covered in the state where they reside while attending KCU

All international students must purchase their health insurance through the SHIP. Canadian students cannot use their Canadian Health Service policy as acceptable coverage while enrolled at KCU. All students must report any break in coverage or change in health insurance while attending classes on campus.

Supplemental Medical Insurance Coverage

KCU-COM has partnered with American International Group Inc (AIG) to provide supplemental medical insurance coverage for all COM students. This supplemental accident insurance policy assists in covering medical expenses incurred by students during KCU-related activities that are not covered by the student's personal medical insurance. Please note: This coverage does not replace a personal medical insurance policy.

Students are required to maintain personal medical insurance coverage throughout their enrollment. As with every insurance policy, exclusions apply. If a needle-stick injury or other exposure occurs in the first or second year, please contact Student Affairs to inquire if the incident qualifies for this coverage and assistance filing a medical claim. If a needle-stick injury or other exposure occurs during clinical training in years three or four, please contact the Department of Clinical Education.