Student Insurance

KCU students are required to maintain personal health insurance. The University has partnered with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City to offer a Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) to all students. All KCU students are enrolled in the plan during an open enrollment period at the beginning of the academic year. During this time, students may waive SHIP coverage by providing proof that they are enrolled in a plan that meets KCU’s minimum coverage standards:

• Insurance company must be operated and based in the U.S.• ACA compliant plan• $3,000 deductible or less (for individuals)• Unlimited plan maximum• Valid in Kansas or Missouri (some Medicaid exceptions)• International students required to enroll in KCU’s SHIP

If you are unsure whether your plan meets these requirements, please contact your insurance provider. If you wish to opt out of KCU’s SHIP, you will be required to submit documentation during open enrollment confirming that your plan meets the minimum requirements listed above.Further information regarding KCU’s SHIP and the waiver request process is provided during orientation. 

Needle-Stick Insurance Coverage

KCU-COM has partnered with Hartford Life Insurance Company to provide Needle-Stick Insurance coverage for all COM students. The Needle-Stick Insurance policy assists in covering medical expenses incurred by students during KCU-related activities that are not covered by the student's personal medical insurance. Please Note: This policy does not replace your personal medical insurance policy, and you are still required to carry your own personal medical insurance.

As with every insurance policy, exclusions apply. If a needle-stick injury occurs in your first or second year, please contact Student Affairs to inquire if your injury qualifies for this coverage and assistance filing a medical claim. If a needle-stick injury occurs in your third or fourth year, please contact your clerkship coordinator.