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KCU's Dr. Getch speaks on important friendships

By WDAF May 9, 2023

KCU's Dr. Sarah Getch discusses the ups and downs of important friendships during her month-long series on connections.

Ways to prevent pickleball injuries

By WDAF May 9, 2023

KCU alum, adjunct professor and orthopedic surgeon, Matt Daggett, DO, has thoughts about preventing pickleball injuries.

KCU's Dr. Getch speaks on the importance of connections in the workplace

By WDAF May 3, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and during this time, KCU's Dr. Sarah Getch will join the morning team at WDAF-TV to talk about mental health and staying connected. This week, Dr. Getch discusses the importance of connections at work.