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Study: Some children born in early days of COVID showing gaps in communication skills

By WDAF Jul 25, 2023

KCU alumna, Kristen Anderson, DO (COM '17) speaks on why some children are experiencing gaps in their communication skills. Dr. Anderson suggests that parents read, sing and speak to their children to help develop these skills.

KCU begins research into how babies detect emotion

Jul 25, 2023

KCU's Dr. Nicki Zieber hopes her research can be used by medical professionals, educators and parents. "This has implications for developmental disorder, such as autism, where attention to social objects is abnormally developing. The earlier we can research visual attention in infancy, the earlier we can detect whether certain infants are displaying abnormal signs of attention."

Best practices for healthy teeth

By KSNF Jul 19, 2023

Did you know biting your nails can damage your teeth? KCU's Dr. Linda Niessen speaks with Local News Today about tips and best practices to keep your teeth healthy.

The Long Journey: KCU Class of 2027 White Coating ceremony

Jul 19, 2023

The incoming class of College of Osteopathic students at KCU started their long journey of medical school with a White Coating ceremony at the Kauffman Center of Performing Arts in Kansas City, Missouri.

'Dentist's dream' of regrowing teeth advances to clinical trials in Japan, says report

Jul 18, 2023

"There are decades’ worth of studies related to various ways of growing human tooth tissue," Dr. Erinne Kennedy, American Dental Association spokesperson and assistant dean of curriculum and integrated learning at KCU College of Dental Medicine, told Fox News Digital.

Missouri Gov. Mike Parson signs bill outlawing pelvic exams on unconscious patients without consent

Jul 10, 2023

In April, medical students at Kansas City University introduced a resolution to the Missouri State Medical Association to stop this practice. 

The mouth-body connection

By KSNF Jul 10, 2023

The mouth is a gateway to the body. Poor oral health can lead to a number of health problems throughout the body, including many chronic health issues. KCU's Dr. Dennis Abbott, Director Predoctoral Curriculum and Integrated Learning for the College of Dental Medicine, explains.

Kansas City University opens College of Dental Medicine to address oral health crisis

By Elizabeth Alex Jun 30, 2023

Kansas City University (KCU) unveiled the nation’s newest and most innovative College of Dental Medicine (CDM) in a ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Harry M. Cornell Center for Dental Education on its McIntire-Farber Campus in Joplin, Missouri on Monday, June 26, 2023.

Missouri Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe visits Joplin for a very special ribbon cutting

By KSNF Jun 28, 2023

Officials held a ribbon cutting and dedication ceremony to celebrate the new KCU College of Dental Medicine in Joplin on June 26, 2023. It featured a special guest from the state capitol – Lieutenant Governor Mike Kehoe.

KCU in Joplin celebrates completion of dental school

By Joplin Globe Jun 28, 2023

Dr. Linda Niessen, dean of the College of Dental Medicine, said she and her staff know full well the real celebration will come when the students are in class. "We have this beautiful building and this amazing technology, but you don't have anything if you don't have students," she said. "This is what we've been building for. It's all about the students." 

Kansas City University unveils cutting-edge dental training and technology

By KOAM Jun 28, 2023

Kansas City University College of Dental Medicine is revolutionizing the dental education experience by providing its students with cutting-edge equipment and hands-on training.

How to stay safe in extreme heat

By WDAF Jun 21, 2023

We are moving into the heat of the summer when extreme temperatures can be dangerous, even deadly. Dr. Gautam Desai, Professor and Chair of Primary Care at Kansas City University spoke on WDAF TV about staying safe in the heat.