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KCU's Dr. Ken Stewart explains how to avoid tick bites

By KSNF May 9, 2023

Tick bites are nothing to take lightly. Ticks can cause severe illness, allergies to meat and even death. KCU's Dr. Ken Stewart explains how to avoid tick bites in his monthly segment on Living Well.

KCU's Dr. Getch speaks on the importance of connections in the workplace

By WDAF May 3, 2023

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and during this time, KCU's Dr. Sarah Getch will join the morning team at WDAF-TV to talk about mental health and staying connected. This week, Dr. Getch discusses the importance of connections at work.

KCU’s Dr. Desai shares tips on safely cleaning out your medicine cabinet

By WDAF May 3, 2023

Spring cleaning is an opportunity to eliminate clutter in our homes and deep clean places that need yearly attention. We should do the same for a critical area of our homes that often lacks this focus: our medicine cabinet and all places where safety items are stored in the house and car. 

KCU's Dr. Kennedy shines spotlight on benefits of therapy

Apr 26, 2023

KCU's Assistant Dean Curriculum and Integrated Learning Erinne Kennedy, DMD, sought out therapy when she felt burned out during dental school, and now, she is doing her part to help reduce the stigma dental students may feel in seeking support for their mental health. Read more by clicking here.

KCU's Dr. Amy Sickel provides new insight on autism

By WDAF Apr 26, 2023

April is Autism Awareness Month. Amy Sickel, PsyD, KCU director of clinical Psychology training and assistant professor shares new insight into the disorder and offers guidance for parents.

How social media affects a child's body image  

By WDAF Apr 13, 2023

KCU's Dr. Sarah Getch speaks on how social media can impact a child's body image and how parents can support their child's mental health. "Boys are just as  susceptible as girls are to this content and the impact it can have on their body," said Dr. Getch. 

KCU students participate in mass casualty disaster simulation

Mar 27, 2023

KCU-Joplin hosted a mass casualty simulation last week, which allowed students to navigate through a staged disaster. Students were able to implement their skills while professors evaluated their work.

KCU's Dr. Amy Sickel offers tips on managing anxiety

By WDAF Mar 27, 2023

Anxiety is pervasive and can occur in many different settings. KCU's Dr. Amy Sickel, director of clinical psychology training, offers practical tips to get through those anxious moments.

Dr. Gautam Desai discusses colon cancer

Mar 22, 2023

While most cases are diagnosed in people over the age of 50, younger people can be vulnerable to colon cancer. KCU's Dr. Gautam Desai speaks to Fox 4 news in Kansas City on the topic.

KCU's Dr. Dagget speaks on basketball injuries and treatments

By WDAF Mar 9, 2023

As March Madness has the attention of the basketball fans, Matt Daggett, DO, KCU alum and adjunct professor, talks about basketball injuries, the need for an accurate diagnosis and innovative treatments to help kids and adults return to play.

KCU student doctors provide care in Guatemala

Mar 8, 2023

For more than two decades, KCU students have traveled to Guatemala to deliver care to patients, many of whom have never seen a physician. KMBC speaks to student doctors about the Global Health mission and what they have learned while providing care in Guatemala.

KCU's Dr. Desai speaks about the importance of kidney disease awareness

By WDAF Mar 8, 2023