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From friendship to marriage, two KCU grads look back on dating while in med school

By Felicia Vaught Feb 14, 2023

From long study hours to fast-paced clinicals, many medical students enter their higher education journey with an expectation of what is going to happen. However, sometimes Cupid has his own plans for unsuspecting individuals. 

After decades of protest, the FDA considers easing restrictions on LGBTQ men donating blood

Feb 12, 2023

The FDA banned donations entirely during the HIV epidemic in the early 1980s when little was known about AIDS. But the risk of transfusion-related transmission hasn’t been a real concern for decades. KCU Assistant Professor of Primary Care Benjamin Grin, MPH, MD, speaks to KCUR 89.3 about the new guidelines proposed by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. To listen to KCUR's interview, click here. 

Signs and symptoms of heart disease in women

By KSNF Feb 9, 2023

Dr. Ken Stewart, KCU assistant professor of Primary Care, sat down with KSN’s Shelby Neely to discuss heart disease in women and how the signs and symptoms differ from those seen in men. Watch the full segment by clicking here

KCU challenges PCOM: Tackling hunger during the Super Bowl

By Breton Silvis Feb 8, 2023

KCU President and CEO Marc B. Hahn, DO, has issued a big game challenge to Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine President and CEO Jay S. Feldstein, DO. Join the challenge by making a donation here. 

KCU staff and faculty volunteers assist with Score 1 for Health

Feb 7, 2023

KCU staff and faculty volunteers assisted Score 1 for Health with screenings that took place at local elementary schools in Kansas City. 

Getting players healthy for Super Bowl Sunday

By WDAF Feb 7, 2023

As all Chiefs fans know, Kansas City has been plagued with injuries over the past several weeks, including Patrick Mahomes. How does a player recover enough to play their best game on the biggest stage with just a couple of weeks to do it?

Show me what makes you smile: KCU hosts dental assembly for elementary students

By KOAM Feb 7, 2023

KCU hosted an assembly at Irving Elementary School in Joplin to bring awareness to oral hygiene during Children's Dental Health Month. Dr. Erinne Kennedy, KCU director of Predoctoral Education, led the assembly with a fun and educational presentation for the children.  

How to stay heart healthy during the Super Bowl

By WDAF Feb 6, 2023

Many research studies show an increase in heart attack cases during the Super Bowl. Dr. Gautam Desai, KCU professor and chair of Primary Care, speaks about what heart attack symptoms to look out for during the big game.

Kansas City University medical students return to Kenyan clinic for out-of-textbook experience

Feb 6, 2023

For the first time since the pandemic began, Kansas City University medical students returned to a Kenyan clinic to help diagnose and treat patients as part of the school's global health outreach program. Two students share what the experience taught them and how it influenced their medical careers. For the full story, click here

The roar of the crowd: A woman's journey from the NFL to medical school

By Felicia Vaught Feb 6, 2023

The sound of a roaring crowd in the football stadium faded into the background for former NFL cheerleader Hennelie Hawes when the call to help others through medicine became much louder. 

KCU researcher receives grant from international consortia to study ALS pathophysiology

By Elizabeth Alex Feb 3, 2023

KCU Professor of Biosciences Abdulbaki Agbas, PhD, MSc, will share in a projected $1.5 million grant over the course of three years to study the accumulation of TDP-43 in platelets that is relevant to amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) pathophysiology. This international consortium is funded by Boston-based Target ALS Foundation.

The Science of Solved: Breaking Barriers

By Felicia Vaught Jan 31, 2023

Twenty-four hours after a narcotics K-9 training exercise, a United States Customs and Border Protection officer tested positive for marijuana. Decades of law enforcement experience and zero drug test failures prior could not save the veteran officer’s career after testing revealed the illegal drug in his system. With a drive to help the condemned officer, one future KCU faculty member would prove the officer’s innocence through the science of toxicology.