President’s Cabinet

The President's Cabinet is appointed by the president and meets regularly to collaborate on University initiatives and strategic objectives.

Marc B. Hahn

Marc B. Hahn, DO, FAOCA
President and Chief Executive Officer

Edward R. O'Connor, PhD, MBA
Provost, Executive Vice President for Academic,
Research & Student Affairs

Joseph Massman, CPA, MBA
Executive Vice President for Finance & Operations

Carlton Abner, DNP
Associate Provost,
Campus Health & Wellness

Elizabeth Alex
Executive Director
University Relations

Jennifer Ingraham

Ellen Cespedes
Sr. Executive Assistant to
Dr. Marc Hahn, President & CEO

Bill Patterson

Josh Cox, DO, FACOFP
Executive Dean,
College of Osteopathic Medicine

Kenneth Durgans, EdD, MA, MS
Associate Provost,
Diversity and Inclusion

Kathleen Gould
Vice President

Sharon Gustowski, DO, MA
Campus Dean,
College of Osteopathic Medicine - Kansas City

Matthew Haase
Strategic Relations aaaaaaaaaaa

Kenneth Heiles, DO
Campus Dean,
College of Osteopathic Medicine - Joplin

Jamie Hirshey, MHA
man Resources 

Jennifer Ingraham
Vice President,
Philanthropy & Alumni Relations

Linda C. Niessen, DMD, MPH, MPP
Dean, College of Dental Medicine

Richard Schooler, DO
Vice President,
Farber-McIntire Campus- Joplin

Kathleen Gould

Kristine A. Stevens, EdD
Vice Provost,
Student & Enrollment Services

Jamie HIrshey

Robert White, PhD
College of Biosciences

Ellen Cespedes

Brooke Yoder, JD
Chief of Staff